Below are Questions asked by our Customers on frequent basis.

In today’s world it is very simple. Information is just a search and click away.
  1. Check with keywords like “Best packer mover companies in “ or “Top 10 packer mover companies in ” or “Top 10 companies providing packer mover services in “ etc. You can try different combination of keywords;
  2. Each time you search with any string of keywords, note down the top (first) 10 names of packer mover companies that appear on your screen;
  3. Once you are done with searching all the possible strings of keywords, you should create a consolidated list of all top (first) 10 packer mover company names, which you had noted down after each of the searches done
  4. From the consolidated list, identify those packer mover company names which appeared multiple times across different keywords searches done and shortlist your 10 good packer mover companies;
  5. Research and compare, the overall business profile and the terms and conditions of your shortlisted 10 good packer mover companies.
Note: You can also consider new start up packer mover companies, who provide very good professional services at affordable prices, since they are trying to establish themselves in the competitive market.

Do the detailed comparison between your 10 shortlisted packer mover companies on the below parameters. Narrow down the best 5 packer mover companies who has scored a positive tick on most of the below parameters:
  1. Company overall background;
  2. Total years in service (Note: being in service for many years, is not necessarily a bench mark, to be the best);
  3. List of services provided;
  4. Approximate number of clients (customers) already serviced till date;
  5. Number of happy clients (customers) whose delivery was done on time i.e. as per committed schedule;
  6. Number of happy clients (customers) whose delivery was done with zero breakage and zero damage;
  7. Provide complete (total) transparency in documentation
  8. Provide valid insurance for consignment
  9. Possess customer friendly executive
  10. The packing and pickup is always done on time (on shifting day)
  11. Possess courteous and well-trained labor
  12. Always handle customer goods with utmost care
  13. Always use the best packing materials
  14. Always use the latest and professional packing techniques
  15. The loading and unloading of customer goods are always done with utmost care and professionally
  16. Has consignment tracking option
  17. Provides great customer care always
  18. Maximum consignments are always delivered on time
  19. Maximum consignments delivered with zero damage and zero breakage
  20. Provides total value for money services (very competitive pricing)
  21. Any additional (value add) services provided
  22. Has excellent customer feedback and customer ratings

Once you have done your homework, it is now time to network (reach out) as below:
  1. First contact your immediate family members and close relatives from your city, who had recently shifted (moved) to another city;
  2. Next best bet is to talk to your work (office) colleagues who had recently shifted (moved) to another city;
  3. Another set of people you can reach out is your close friends from your city who had recently shifted (moved) to another city;
  4. Whomsoever you contact, collect a detailed feedback of their overall experience with the packer mover company hired by them.
  5. Check if the packer mover company name recommended by your connect is part of the top 5 names shortlisted by you;
  6. If yes and these recommended packer mover companies scores well on most parameters, you can now feel assured you are on the right track
  7. Next step is to call the executive from each of the shortlisted packer mover companies to your residence across different time slots;
  8. This visit by the packer mover company executive will give you a chance to do a reality check on the overall profile and professionalism of each company across all parameters. The confidence and clarity provided by the executive can help you take your decision better.
  9. The executive of each shortlisted packer mover company will come to your residence as per scheduled time slot, review your total goods/ items to be shifted and provide the estimated quote.
  10. The estimated quote will be another decider point for you to finalize the packer mover. Note: the packer mover company quoting the highest or least amount need not be the best.
  11. The most important decision to finalize the packer mover company for your shifting, should be done basis the packer mover company scoring well on all or maximum parameters overall.

Today, there are many small and large packer mover companies in the market and considering the stiff competition, it will not be wrong to say there are few rogue (fraud) packer mover companies as well. To avoid them, better be aware of the following:
  1. Some of the rogue (fraud) packer mover companies, lure customers by offering a very low quote and later ask for more money before delivery is done at the destination. You are advised to always confirm, how much the packer mover companies are genuine, authentic and credible to avoid being cheated;
  2. Confirm if they have a physical office in your city and even visit their office. DO NOT deal with any packer mover company doing business WITHOUT a valid physical office in your city.
  3. Ask the packer mover company to show their business documents such as:
    • Company registration certificate
    • License certificate
    • GST registration certificate
    • Any other relevant document
  4. Confirm if the packer mover companies have their own official website and if yes, check how professional is their website.
  5. Cross check all online reviews, feedbacks and customer ratings and identify the overall reputation of the packer mover companies
  6. Ask the packer mover company to provide details of few of their customers. Contact these customers and cross check about their overall experience;
  7. Ensure the packer mover company executive mandatorily visits your residence to review all your goods/ items before providing the estimate. You should simply reject the packer mover company denying to do a survey before shifting.
  8. Confirm level of transparency maintained in their documentation, by the packer mover companies. The invoice should show the final approved amount along with the cost breakup.
  9. The invoice should also clearly mention the consignment insurance cost, GST percentage and amount, services provided, packing materials used list, your goods/ items inventory list, additional services provided (if any) and date of delivery;
  10. Insurance is an important factor for shifting of your goods/ items. The insurance is always applicable only on the declared insurable items only.
  11. Never be under the misconception, that packer mover companies will provide full insurance to all your goods/ items shifted.
  12. You should never sign a blank, unclear, incomplete contract.
  13. Make sure you get a clear understanding on all terms and conditions printed in the invoice (contract) before signing it;
  14. All commitments made by the packer mover company and its executives should be taken in writing as part of their agreed terms and conditions;
  15. Ensure the invoice is prepared on the official letterhead of the packer mover company

  1. Packshifts Relocation Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed organization supported by latest technology and an experienced operations team;
  2. Packshifts has 5+ years of expertise in the relocation industry;
  3. Packshifts has already shifted consignments of 1600+ clients till date;
  4. Packshifts has well trained and professional staff who take utmost care of all your goods/ items while packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.
  5. Packshifts can provide regular transit update of your consignment
  6. Packshifts has an enviable track record of delivery on time i.e. on the delivery date committed to all our customers;
  7. Packshifts also has an enviable track record of delivering customer’s goods/ items without any damage (zero damage) and without any breakage (zero breakage) in almost 100% of relocations done.
  8. Lastly and most importantly, Packshifts offers the most competitive price i.e. provides total value for money.

Packshifts as an organization, works in a very systematic and organized manner to ease your burden of shifting. For the same, you are requested to inform Packshifts, at least 3 days prior, to the actual date you want the survey of your goods/ items to be done.

Yes, you will definitely get updates, on the transportation status of your consignment. The updates can be provided at regular intervals till your consignment is delivered on time. You can also call on Packshifts customer service number 8287-244-244, Mon to Sat – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

It is kid’s play. You just need to do the below 3 very simple steps:
  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Select your required Relocation Service type from the options, e.g. “Residential” Input your shifting details such as origin and destination (delivery) city names, shifting date and click on [Get Quote Now].
  • Step 3: Enter your contact details, verify OTP and [Submit] your request. Once you submit, Packshifts team member will contact you and help you with all the next steps to finalize your shifting quote and shifting date.

You have the choice to dismantle your air conditioner with the help of the company authorized mechanic. Packshifts shifting team can also dismantle your air conditioner for which you will have to pay extra charges. You are advised to confirm at the time of survey who will do it, because if Packshifts shifting team needs to do it, they need to carry all necessary tools required to dismantle it.

Yes, you can, by informing Packshifts at least 2 days prior (more than 48 hours prior) to the actual shifting date. Note: Once you confirm your shifting date formally, Packshifts blocks that date and time slot exclusively for you and also schedules the vehicle exclusively for you for that date and time.

Yes, you can have your goods packed and kept ready for shifting earlier, and do the actual shifting on a later date. For this, you will have to make an advance payment of 50% of the total bill amount. Same will be adjusted when you make the final payment on the shifting day.

Yes, you can get basic help from Packshifts unloading team post delivery just to place certain goods at a desired spot in your new house. This is done free of cost. But if you want the Packshifts unloading team to assemble dismantled furniture, fix your air conditioner, fix your LED, arrange kitchen appliances and utensils etc., it can be done. You will have to pay additional charges for the same.

In normal circumstances once the packing is done with utmost care and professionally, there is no chance for damage or breakage of any of your goods/ items. However, during transportation between two cities , which involves hundreds of kilometers drive, there are chances of the vehicle meeting with unforeseen circumstances like accidents, riots or natural disasters which could lead to damage/ breakage of your goods/ items. Hence it advisable to opt for the insurance feature which is available with Packshifts. This will help compensate your loss, maximum to the extent of your insured amount, but again, based on the actual extent of damage and breakage happened.

Pets, liquids, oils, chemicals, inflammable items, explosives, hydrogen, radioactive materials, weed killers, pesticides, oxides etc.

Yes, you will have to pay a small token of 5% of the total billing amount to confirm your shifting booking. This token amount will be adjusted when you make the final payment on the day of actual shifting. The token is taken to schedule your shifting slot and avoid last minute delay or inconvenience.

If you cancel the shifting within 48 hours (2 days prior) before the actual shifting date, your token amount will not be refunded.